“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
-John Quincy Adams

Everyone has the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the culture of appreciation in the work environment. Each team member has within their character the “pebble of appreciation” that can be released in the work pool. Whether your realm of influence is a small pond of people in a department or a large corporate sea, you can create a positive influential impact.

Who is in Charge of Caring?

LEADERSHIP PAGE WATER IN PONDFor organizations that truly wish to discover success through a culture of appreciation, a leader must be chosen. An individual who focuses on the heart and passion of the team and how that is influencing the use of knowledge and skill. Do you have an appreciation leader, mentor, or coach? Who in your organization is responsible to help your team feel appreciated?

Appreciation Team has found that in companies of all sizes most employee handbooks, policies and procedures, and job descriptions channel the knowledge and skill of a team member, but not the motivational power of their emotions. Many times even the human resource department can be consumed by administrative duties. If you do not address the needs of the whole person then you do not have the full potential and engagement of that individual while at work. This can cause real and expensive challenges.

Accounting focuses on financial integrity, marketing emphasizes quality customer satisfaction, a safety team ensures everyone goes home whole at the end of their shiftWHO IS IN CHARGE OF CARINGAre they allowed the time to show that caring in daily action?

We can Train!

Appreciation Team can help train an APPRECIATION & DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST or a selected APPRECIATION TEAM to fill the role of effective SERVANT LEADERS in your organization. We can also inspire and encourage the entire team to express gratitude.