“The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.” -William James

Appreciation Team offers free, no obligation consultation*

Visiting your location is preferred and usually produces better results, but online and phone visits can also be productive.

We Assess:

Discover where you are, and help chart a course of realistic progress in a positive direction.

We Coach:

Are you a new leader seeking coaching just for personal improvement? Or an entry level team member wanting to make a positive impact on your new surroundings?


Your great leaders may just need constructive appreciation guidance.

Usually 1 to 5 individuals are in a coaching group.

The length of coaching is determined by your needs.

We Train:

Training can be done as part of an extended lunch break, or done several times during the day to minimize delays in productivity schedules.

Spread the knowledge to a diverse group.

5 to 50 individuals in a session, or training done in various locations.

Length and frequency of training determined by your needs.

We Seminar:

Two to Four hours of training in a location of your choosing.

50 to 500 individuals

We Interview:

We can talk with your team members one on one at any level to see how they feel about their work.

We go “under cover”: Provided your goal is to learn and not discipline, going undercover can be a beneficial way of learning what is happening at the “grass roots” level.

We Care:

Supplying long term assistance to you as often as needed.

We Customize:

Meeting the needs of your team and your budget.

It is your business. Using core principles we customize what works for your organization. We do not try to fit you into a “cookie cutter” program.

Whether you are an entry level team member, a mid-level leader, president or owner of the company…you do have the ability to make a positive impact on your work culture through showing authentic appreciation.

The goal of Appreciation Team is not to have your organization spend money on our services, but to create an investment in the development of the individuals within your company and allow us to be a valid contributing part of that investment.

*The consultation is free but traveling fees may need to apply depending on location. (We wish it were feasible to provide consulting with absolute zero travel cost, but have not figured out a way to accomplish this.)

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